Zombi Finance


Zomb2 protocol works similarly with ftm-peg ZOMB
Why Zomb2?
Market volatility.
Stability Bringing a second FTM peg coin to Zombiverse will give more choices and use case for our users options to choose a stable asset to stack, as well as having a higher lock liquidity within the whole Fantom ecosystem. the more lock in liquidity the bigger Fantom grow.
Hedging to a more stable option.
Wonder how pegging to 1 $FTM will bring stability $ZOMB2?
Zombiverse 2nd Token - Zomb2, aims to be the second choice, alternative medium of exchange and cover source of liquidity for the Fantom network and be frequent owned by Fantom users and Zomb lovers. Moreover, it brings up new use case for $ZOMB and $SZOMB token in the ecosystem because they can be used to farm in Zomb2 Finance.